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Beat Remvie | Flexibilia Recordings

Beat Remvie | Flexibilia Recordings

Of the quartet of tracks offered up on this, Flexibilia’s
19th release, ‘Live Well and Prosper’ is the most uncomplicated piece of
pop music, with a bittersweet delivery from Beat Remvie himself.
on the EP ‘Rollercoaster’ is a retro-referencing, indie-dance effort
featuring Sarah P. formerly of Keep Shelly In Athens, who here channels
another Sarah (Ms. Cracknell of 90s indie darlings Saint Etienne), while
‘Typin” takes us to an altogether moodier environment with its
puissant synth-line and lowering, confessional delivered by Evan
Harking back to the poppier days of early noughties
electro clash, and with some US style beatronica thrown in for good
measure Beat Remvie has however turned in a slow burning anthem with
‘Break It’, elevated by the honeyed tones of Yorgia Karidi, whose
contribution fuses with the artists own vocal layerings to create a
dreamlike marriage.
Eskimo Recordings’ own Nteibint was at the
controls for the mixing, whereas Flexibilia’s audio warrior Throttler
worked his magic in the mastering suite!
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