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Czarface-Every Hero Needs A Villain | Brick Records

Czarface-Every Hero Needs A Villain | Brick Records

1 Don The Armor
2 Czartacus
3 Lumberjack Match
4 Nightcrawler feat. METHOD MAN
5 World Premier feat. LARGE PROFESSOR
6 The Great (Czar Guitar)
7 Red Alert
8 Junkyard Dogs feat. JUJU OF THE BEATNUTS
9 Sgt. Slaughter
10 When Gods Go Mad feat. GZA
11 Ka-Bang! feat. MF DOOM
12 Deadly Class feat. MEYHEM LAUREN
13 Escape From Czarkham Asylum
14 Sinister
15 Good Villains Go Last feat. RA THE RUGGED MAN

Super Hero 



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