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Daniel Bachman’s new album River, rains thoughts for a future, past.

Daniel Bachman’s new album River, rains thoughts for a future, past.

Daniel Bachman is a 6-string and lap guitar player from Virginia.

Three lobed recordings is doing a fine job this time of the year. Always trying to divine the alchemy of pairings that will work for our ears. I’m anticipating the parallelogram 5 LP collection in early September 2015. It will indeed, be featuring new music from Michael Chapman (hiss golden messenger), William Tyler (six organs of admittance), Kurt vile, Steve Gunn, Thurston Moore & John Moloney, Bishop-Orcutt-Corsano Trio and last but not least Bardo Pond and Yo La Tengo!

Lets see though what’s happening on the roster. Well coming across 25 year old 6 string and lap guitar player Daniel Bachman is a virtuosic American primitive guitar epiphany! Everyone is placing their bets that it’s his best album ever since. Rivers, opens up it’s forceful stream with a 14 and a half minutes long journey into epic landscape exploration. If his last six albums knew where to take a turn, it feels as though on this mystic journey we have our head out the window, taking away every minute by the winds lonely changes into course. The striking of the chords brings sweet mellowness to the land’s flavor. May this journey on dry land flourish in the waters, Bachman rains and treads on just with his fingers and thoughts for a future past.

River is a first proper studio album. With intimacy and sound perfection, you can just hear his heart beat plucking those chords up into some kind of acoustic paradise. You can hear the bones rattle one by one they wake up to his call in this path of historic expedition. Recorded in one take, becoming a shine in time moment, a small diary of contemporary music for future generations. If your a fan of Fahey, James Blackshaw and my favorite Steve Gunn, or you just like tracking down the goodies on Tompkins Square (Robbie Basho, Don Bikoff etc) I dare you dive into this guitar centered album. Sometimes I only need a journey without words to caress me under the trees of knowledge. Sometimes it’s things without speech, that soothe my worries the most.


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