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VA-Music from the basement | G.O.D Records

VA-Music from the basement | G.O.D Records

Artwork by Gioumourtzina
Well it’s been 10 years listening to Republic Radio FM100,3 in
Thessaloniki. A decade of memories with mates all over town, in the
bus, the car, the port of #skg, on the bike, on the go, generally. The friendships have come alive from behind the airplay hours to the real world happenings, and we all have the same love for Music. 
New radio friendly blood though the recent years on FM100,3 have paid off our
journeys to exquisite music planets. Well if you do tune in, I’m sure you know who I’m talking about…
We all know that Michalis Apostolou is a man of his words when it comes to discovering great tracks from the present (especially) or past, along with his friends from the basement blog (Michalis Nikolitsis and Nikos Kontopoulos) – They teamed up altogether
now and are pleasing us with their unique love for musical diamonds and
mysteries in the fresh psychedelic trip/garage/surf/indie/alternative
era. A journey in the “making” of a compilation is a big time consuming process but they never put their heads down, and believed it the most to come true.
we got stuck in Garden of Dreams records, for some months now,
especially when amazing Louis Tillett was talking about the owner (another Mike) and some collaborations coming up. It sure is a respectful label not to miss, for Greek or World-wise standards.
So here you go mates,
dive into 17 tracks from all over the world, crafted by the ears of the
above music travelers that made it possible and support your locals! I’m sure it will find a good spot on your shelf for more hazy and sunny days to beam up your heart. There is a big juicy
description for every band included on the bandcamp page so you can get down to the point of
things while enjoying.
Go check out your local record stores to get your hands on one of the
500 physical copies and of course you can
purchase it online.
Searching for music is a bug.
Making a comp is even bigger.
Soundcarriers, Dumbo Gets Mad, The Assyrians, Beaulieu Porch, Faces On
Film, Tara King Th., Arnold Fish, The Liminanas, The Entrance Band, The
Buttertones, Invasions, Apache Sun, Condor Gruppe, Blossoms, The
Madcaps, Os Noctambulus & The Electric Magpie


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