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Braids – Taste (Official Video)

Braids – Taste (Official Video)

Director’s Statement:
The concept for the video was born from a line
in the chorus: “we experience the love that we think we deserve”. It’s a
simple and eloquent lyric, one that I felt evoked a powerful sort of
reflection and consideration. I was interested in how that line
transcends the idea of romantic love, how it pushed the listener to
consider the idea of love in much broader and more complex terms. To
communicate this idea visually, the idea of nakedness came to mind
immediately. Nudity is almost always sexualized in any sort of popular
media, however the content of this track provided an opportunity to
subvert that expectation – the focus instead placed upon nakedness in
terms of honesty and vulnerability. I wanted these static nude portraits
to act as their own relatively neutral canvases, creating the space for
the viewer project the idea of the refrain –  “we experience the love
that we think we deserve”, onto these people, to consider/imagine the
type of life these people have had, who and how they love and have been
loved (friends, family, romantic partners), and ultimately, to come back
to themselves regarding this same consideration.
– Kevan Funk
Braids “Deep In The Iris” LP
Out 04/28 on Arbutus Records / Flemish Eye.
Available here – (Worldwide)


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