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#17 | Duke Garwood-Heavy Love | Heavenly Recordings

#17 | Duke Garwood-Heavy Love | Heavenly Recordings

Duke Garwood
Heavy Love
 Heavenly Recordings

favsong:Heavy Love/Disco Lights

“I want to make music until my dying breath. I give it all. It is my
blood,” he says. “I’m older, but I feel comfortable. It’s like I’ve
found an extra gear in my body, in my mind, and I just went for it. I
think that shows on Heavy Love.”


 αλανια ερωτευμενα
να ψηνουν στην γαστρα την ψυχη, με τα κοκκαλα τους για ζουμι
παντα για εναν τελευταιο χορό.

“hard head woman-cook my bone dry, disco lights they cut my eyes blind”
“The entire record listening public should
know Duke Garwood’s music. The fact most don’t is a fucking travesty.
He’s a mystic, a musical genius and Heavy Love is a total mind-blowing
masterpiece. Get with it people!” Mark Lanegan

“Duke Garwood is the real thing; like the
perfect blues perpetually emanating good vibes thru a uni-vibe (even
when he’s singing about darkness). An old soul and a saint…” Kurt Vile

“My brother Duke is the most soulacious
soul man I know. He’s always cut his own groove and it’s been my honour
to play with him so many times.” Seasick Steve

“I’ve listened to Duke for years but have
not heard him as in control and powerful as he is on Heavy Love. His
guitar playing and singing remind me of an unrequited and lusty relative
of JJ Cale. I fucking love this.” Greg Dulli

“I met Duke at The Luminaire. He was
playing sweet ballads with a tint of free-jazz; his voice was thin and
full, like a Chet Baker turned into a midnight wolf. The first question
was ‘who is this guy’?” Jehnny Beth (Savages)

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#17 | Duke Garwood-Heavy Love | Heavenly Recordings
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