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The Luxembourg Signal / Soft Science Split 7inch

The Luxembourg Signal / Soft Science Split 7inch

Two of the most dream-esque  pop bands living around have joined forces on a 7″ split. And how much we love them! Feeling the energy with my morning coffee…resultant melodies beautiful in their gliding rural guitar fuzz  and sweet obsessions.
The Luxembourg Signal (ex-Aberdeen,
Trembling Blue Stars) brings a stirring remix by Robert Hampson (LOOP)
of the stand out track Dying Star from their fantastic 2014
self-titled album on Shelflife Records. Soft Science (ex-Holiday Flyer,
California Oranges) contributes their first new track since the release
of their sophomore album, Detour, titled Breaking and
it’s filled with vibrant pop hooks from end to end. It’s also their
first release with new member Tony Cale (English Singles) on drums!
The Luxembourg Signal   
Soft Science


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