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EXEC, Troels Abrahamsen’s solo project is captivating!

EXEC, Troels Abrahamsen’s solo project is captivating!

The Limber Real is the debut album from Troels Abrahamsen by the name of EXEC
out on stunning label Tambourhinoceros !
It was a certain gift today to fall upon such bliss.
A voice of lightning softly hitting the mountain peaks of immortality.

Distant conversation of the unconsciousness, play on these strings.
Direct and powerful lyrics draw all the lines to your mellow heart.
This album certainly (instantly) raises a shiver upon our spines, as the most luscious musical trip, from the start of the year.  Undiscovered, powerful, mystique and unforgiving to it’s real passions… it speaks of treasures that melt you in a spot where you will  hide and seek for years to come.
More about Troels and his band here!
Im sure “Anohni” , “Brett Anderson”,”I got you on tape” and “Scott Walker” fans will appreciate this gem!

We run together
Dearest friends
And one can hope
Right till the end
And we can touch
But never blend


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