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Lantern-Black Highways And Green Garden Roads

Lantern-Black Highways And Green Garden Roads

“Black Highways and Green Garden Roads” is Philadelphia rock ‘n’ roll
trio Lantern’s second full-length studio album. Taking ideas from the
work of Hieronymus Bosch, Carl Sagan, and Mikhail Bulgakov, the new
album is an exploration of the natural world and the cosmos, and a
celebration of the wonderful, the serious, and the absurd. More so than
previous recordings, it is a collaborative effort born of studio
improvisation and collective experimentation. The resulting collection
is a diverse and sophisticated 14-song program that balances concise pop
and lush psychedelic rock with weirder, headier jams.

“Black Highways and Green Garden Roads” is being released February 19,
2016 on limited-edition cassette through Fixture Records and on 12”
vinyl through Sophomore Lounge:


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