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Sophia Danai-Something To Nothing (Anthony Walker Remix)

Sophia Danai-Something To Nothing (Anthony Walker Remix)

We’re digging this bubbling hot remix from the real not real Anthony  on Sophia Danai’s second single from her upcoming record “Love Royale”.

Beauty and the beat. 
The mood of the day, is quite inspiring. Sophia’s voice fabricates a delicate and luscious flow around her. A dynamic breeze of beautiful vocals and honest lyrics inspire us instantly to jump over life’s obstacles, in the most refreshing way. Maintaining a clear confidence she expresses a gold rush of soulful purity with truth coming only from sparks of the musical heart.
 When you wake up from a period in life that proved
itself to be nothing more than smoke and mirrors, the epiphany can be
unforgiving and harsh. It can be difficult to decipher the truth of what
transpired from your experience, which is always a reflection of your
own reality. Over time, events get twisted and mis- shapen, to be
remembered with love or hate is only in your power.
listen up to stay original:

Coming from Langley British Columbia, of
French and Greek descent, whose early exposure to music came by the way
of Nina Simone, Billie Holiday and Portishead.
 Sophia Danai, is honest and passionate within her lyrics diving into the alternative RnB, electro pop and soul feeling. For the last two years honing her production skills and collaborating with a variety of artists and producers such as Grammy Award winning Jon Brown (Meghan Trainor, Pink) and Vancouver’s Matt BrevnerYou can check out Sophia’s page for more info…



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