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Take the open road with Postiljonen

Take the open road with Postiljonen

“The Open Road” is taken from Postiljonen’s new upcoming album Reverie due out mid February on Best Fit Recordings
Babe, there’s no use in wondering
We don’t need to stay
Both bear a load with us
We charge up our hearts
And drift along an empty road
We’ll take the open road
Always, always tune to your own sound
We open our eyes, to see they let themselves go
Hold on my lover, oh love
Fickled, but leading our own path
And race to that summer
And summer is far from home
(And I’ll be marching beside all along)
I hope you know where to start,
But the glow in your eyes says you know;
This could be easy, it’s all in the past
Mmm we’ll take the open road
Photocred: Kim S. Granli


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