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Big Brutus-Stay | debut

Big Brutus-Stay | debut

 Big Brutus plays back to back with Casiotone for the Painfully Alone in my head. Feelings change as they come, to go throughout different instrumentation and natural vocal romanticism. “Stay” is a delicate soundtrack of your mid-20s, or at least intends to take you there. Impressive story flow and affectionate clouds popping around nostalgia and dreamy alternative cruising! Talent alert.

Big Brutus is the project of Sean Bryant, graduate of Atlanta Institute of Music. His debut album, (Tiny Box), is a spring cleaning album, reviewing the process in which a relationship dies, so that other hopes may flourish. Sonically going from sweet to nightmarish, Big Brutus traces a relationship from hopeful beginning, through it’s ending, to the eventual rebirth of hope; the hope that one can find solace by putting memories away in their own tiny box, a place to revisit but never to return.

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