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Emilio Bonito – Midnight Runner | Maisonneuve Music

Emilio Bonito – Midnight Runner | Maisonneuve Music

I’m grateful making a new virtual friend everyday. This time, love came to the inbox from Maisonneuve Music run by a very cool person Kathleen Farley. 
She also loves to code, is into audio engineering and runs a label so it could be a soulmate strike (ok, im esoterically laughing-I always love multitasksers out there, we are many we are strong). 
So all you have to do is get on the webpage and discover all the beautiful music coming from an independent record label from Canada with striking releases!

Emilio Bonito produces an enchanting calming breeze with the tip of his fingers, just sitting on the porch inhaling with Robbie Basho’s hologram as the sun melts down with the nostalgic strings to trip over memories.

Emilio Bonito’s latest single, “Midnight Runner”, creates a dreamy narrative with changing dynamics, tempos and time signatures. The result is an atmospheric, flowing track that explores themes of rumination and self-reflection. “It’s about having too many thoughts that run wild while you’re trying to sleep,” explains Emilio. “Sometimes it feels like running a marathon, thinking and over analyzing situations that happen on a given day. By the time you wake up, you’re already exhausted.”

Buy the track on bandcamp:


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