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Melby-Human | fresh debut

Melby-Human | fresh debut

Melby are a Swedish Stockholm-based band who just released a quite essential single “Human” which you can also find also on spotify. Psych influenced indie-pop is their kind of play, and they have been compared to upcoming Swedish bands Amason and Francis.  Melby have just started their trip with us in a musical world of colors and feelings and we would love to hear more…. Time will tell how human we are all. But it’s true we always re-connect in a human way with music.There is a warmth coming from the lyrics and Matilda’s dazzling voice, infused with the band, the journey continues easily into a promising land.
Melby started out with Matilda, our lead singer, making lofi-demos on a
80-s Yamaha synth with a built in drum machine on her own. When the rest
of us heard the tracks we were convinced that she was really on to
something and that we had to start a band. The songs deserved something
bigger. We recorded the single in Dada Lifes studio, which may seem like
a really weird place recording indie music, but thanks to Alexander
(from the swedish psych-band Lejonsläktet) it turned out okay.

Lead vocals – Matilda Wiezell
Guitar – Are Engen Steinsholm
Bass, melotron, backing vocals – David Jehrlander
Drums – Anna Lund
Recorded and mixed by – Alexander Eldefors (Lejonsläktet, The Seed Coat)


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