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My Gravity Girls-Irrelevant Pieces, Vol​.​1

My Gravity Girls-Irrelevant Pieces, Vol​.​1

Italy has been a destination I would like to revisit after all these years. At the age of 14 two weeks in beautiful Roma were enough to make me fall in love with a “La grande bellezza” state of mind. Today our heartbeats will not only dance to prosciutto canapes but to the music of
 My gravity Girls 
an alternative rock band from Parma, promising to take you in hidden places where the heart lives. Claudio, Mattia, Pietro, Simone C and Simone G blend together fantastically, casting their enchanting musical spells with alternative folk, indie and rock compassion.

They have just released a first EP Irrelevant Pieces Vol.1 which actually is a Tetralogy story. The project started back in 2013, as they had different musical project’s they decided to start a new band to express common feelings and to share an experimental music vision always in different territories and without any barrier restraints.  

Loss, Love, Silence and Hope are the basic themes of the quaternity they deliver us, so during the next months stay spinned, considering another three records – volumes to be released by the years ending. Nature prevails (you will hear a fire crackling as you press play and other physical textures). This album was recorded in an old mill caught in the middle of somewhere in between the mountains and the sea pervaded only by silence. As a bigger secret of the most secluded feelings that finally hit our ears that’s how beautiful rarities of MGM moments please us with great acoustic sensation.


Chapter One of this melodious book, is full of affectionate mysterions, whispers, cries and gracefull smiles. The video of “Sea Song#2-Ghosts and Parasites
is absolutely compelling, showing the now-effect of their talented
performance that binds us together on the faces of friends and family.
Eyes lighting up, souls getting hugged, words twisting memories, smiles
traveling miles. Such pleasant to listen to this cathartic courage of
haunting zest and connecting with a stranger’s feelings that’s more of a
friend evermore. 
it truly shows that music has no boundaries to age or height, the
passage of the true spirited music lover always finds a way to recharge
in the sunlight of greater beauty. The Sea Song travels us away
to romance of the wanted, building up powerful stamina, on each extra
beat.. that pulls out a harmonic string of silence within. That’s when
music is so powerful, you don’t have to say much I suppose.

 My gravity girls have a lightness of destiny bound to be discovered throughout their journey. Perceptions evolve as life turns pages, and we can’t wait to see where our roads will cross again for a sip of some holy gravity grail.

Ethereal qualities that connect to a deeper devotional undercurrent keep a strong and steady measure with the songs crafted by My Gravity Girls. Vol. 1 desires answers from the questions that tiptoe up to us from each spontaneous listening. And that means authenticity of alternative morality to the core of the heart’s melody.

For the likes of : Wilco, Jens Lekman, Bill Callahan, Nick Drake, Neutral Milk Hotel

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