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Nularse – Say Hello | FRESH YO! LABEL

Nularse – Say Hello | FRESH YO! LABEL

There is no doubt, we are physically attracted to Nularse’s sound, vibrant aromas deliver musical excitement on the spot. A characteristic rainbow after the electronic rainfall.
is the first EP of the young musician Nularse (Alessandro Donin),
an album that expresses intense and mixed emotions,
sublimated by the electronic sound, from arpeggios and vocals, a dynamic
equilibrium, constantly evolving. The
graphics have been developed by the artist Jonathan Calugi Pistoia,
father of the visual imagery you will find on  Fresh Yo !, which on this occasion has produced
six different works, one for each song. 
“Nularse”, describes the moment when the
sky turns gray and the clouds are loaded with rain, creating that typical 
atmosphere of waiting for the storm to hit, just when the air becomes thick and
smells like it’s going to drop buckets of water. It
is from this moment on wards that Nularse takes path: his feelings and
thoughts, create a unique cloudy
forehead that is preparing to get rid of the huge accumulated mass of
water, and thus represents the beginning of a new era. A big bang creator, plasma life forms and physical
laws prevail, preceded by that primordial spark of incalculable power which
gives a lift to everything.
You can listen to Nularse’s album on bandcamp
and catch his music also on “Spinning Top” which is Francesco Camuffo’s first documentary  – short film about travelling.
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