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Manos Milonakis-Sólfar EP out on Record Store Day

Manos Milonakis-Sólfar EP out on Record Store Day

Manos Milonakis ( former member of  beloved fantastic Greek duo “Y.H.I.M” ) travels (afar) to Iceland for inspiration and records his “Solfar EP” in Reykjavik. Sólfar (the sun voyager) narrated by piano, a string quartet, drums and subtle electronics will be out tomorrow on #recordstoreday !
We will feature some of our feelings concerning the album in the near (near) future . 
It is so-far but yet so-near to us, as we can imagine just from listening to the above preview! Vividly cinematic and instrumental it leads us to a special place that can carry off some weighty burdens just  by listening to it’s glacier beauty. A musical trophy pot of gold  melting the inner sounds of every eager traveler. I can hear a whisper in the noise calling the “Quiet Grey” lands that carry the light of those who never are afraid to melt their wings in the sun, in order to reach the…
Manos Milonakis is a composer and an architect. I would say a true perfectionist. … It’s interesting to find out that his dissertation essay researched on “sonic” architecture as opposed to acoustic design.
Manos has played from the  wurlitzer piano, accordion, electric bass, guitars, percussion, stroh-violin, ukulele, glockenspiel, melodica, toy piano to  music boxes! In the meantime he composes music for documentaries, online videos and other projects while giving concerts at selected places and occasions (Pic Nic Urban Festival 2014, Sofar Sounds 2015, Dimitria Festival 2015).

Solfar will be out on #rsd and it will astound you with brilliant minimal -parable existence !
We can all see the guiding light but the journey is the exploration of all senses….


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