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Mechanitis- Mechanitis (Feat. Tanya Batt)

Mechanitis- Mechanitis (Feat. Tanya Batt)

How long can you fly, so high..
meditatively  dreamy
mechanitis ::
an impeccable ambient diamond of cinematic soul
that haunt the electronic spirits 
turning sound waves into light

Mechanitis a duo formed of Harnes Kretzer and Niklas Paschburg after meeting in Bonn, Germany at a one year music and film composition course. Forming an immediate appreciation for each others work they began to create together.

Their debut single offering self titled Mechanitis comes from an evening of exploring a Rhodes inside out, mixng up all of the insides and using it’s natural rhythmic sounds and turning them into the percussive elements within the song you hear now.

Enter Australian singer/songwriter Tanya Batt who Kretzer stumbled across on Soundcloud and asked her to sing on the single. Batt who is well known for her work with electronic Duo BATTS is very familiar with collaborating and working with projects long distance. Batt says the first time she heard this song she was reduced to tears and recording this was the most emotional experience to date with music.

Their debut offering may liken comparisons such as Jon Hopkins , Sigur Ros and Enya . Soundscapes encapsulating you. This emotive piece of art is a soundscape of one of the most epic journeys you will experience through music. Batt, Kretzer and Paschburg have never been in the same room together, but they have created something that will stay with you forever. 


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