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Steve Benjamins-The Infidelity of Language

Steve Benjamins-The Infidelity of Language

I really love discovering new artists that balance all things they love in life. Steve Benjamins runs this cool site and makes music you will love. As soon as I heard his newest track, I was hooked from the very first seconds. In an expansive mood with dreamy warm story telling and audio texture, Benjamins tingles our soul into all sonic directions.

Steve Benjamins makes downtempo indie pop that feels thoughtful and melancholic.
In the last two years he has released 3 EPs but in 2016 has switched to releasing a new single every month or two. 
Today’s #giveitaspin is “The infidelity of language
 Playing almost all of the instruments in his music (piano, guitar, synths, drums, bass) and as the sole songwriter, the quality of his talent and character is undeniable.

When I wrote this song I was thinking about how words can betray
intentions and slip from under our grasp. We try to share how we feel
but we run up against the limits of language and discover a lack of
fidelity between our language and our experience.

But I think love is passed between us in channels that flow deeper
than words. And so there is no reason to despair when our words don’t
get it right. I find that to be a comforting thought.





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