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Tic Tic-All across Europe | free DL

Tic Tic-All across Europe | free DL

Tic Tic are a Norwegian duo of husband and wife (Irene Svendsen and Kai Drange), living in Kristiansand. Falling onto “All across Europe” taken from their latest Hearts are going dark EP makes me realize that a musical statement is always better than words these days… so here it is for you to listen, support and download.
Panama papers, the refugee crisis, the wars, the austerity measures …. the list grows longer each day..
Problems shaped by a vast equation without a clear solution.
The chaotic musical terrain will salute the esoteric radical experimentation, giving back data of hope throughout fertile archives and memories. Tic tic’s musical approach and perspective illuminates several revolutionary processes, including the importance of the electronic (music) networking in times of ongoing global pressure.
 They experiment with all genres so we can easily have them in our #giveitaspin hearts! If you like dreaming away into indietronica or electronica you will love the instrumentation that forms the backbone of the tracks. Vocals are melancholic and lyrics are inspired by world events.
Listen to an older EP called Puppets and Toys on Spotify:

Take a look at theTic Tic blog, sometimes they write about the process of making music and  various technical subjects related to the gear they use. You might find it useful.

We have been making electronic music
together for around 4 years. I am an electronics engineer by occupation,
while my wife is a journalist. Our music is not made for the
dance-floor. Rather, we try to make our tracks interesting to sit back
and listen to. Lately, our interest in global politics, history and
current world events have been an inspiration and tend to be recurring
themes in what we make. This is something we wish to explore further in
upcoming material. 
Cover photo: “Looking for love” by Alexander Mueller, Creative Commons License.


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