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Tom West-The Vanishing Shores

Tom West-The Vanishing Shores

“The vanishing shores” single was recorded in Adelaide’s Eden Studios mixed by upcoming producer/engineer Todd Sibbin. It’s Tom West’s upbeat, anthemic ode to that which we can never really have. It is a cathartic realisation that some shores will be forever unreachable. Perhaps that’s the most magical side of life. A mystery or a fools gold?
If your a fan of  “Xavier Rudd”,”Angus and Julia Stone” or “The Middle East”  this eclectic Aussie folkster will stay in your musical heart for a very very long time , at least forever! Im not over reacting. The depth of beauty in simple multi layers of Tom’s warm earthed talents. If  Jose Gonzalez  was from down maybe the genes would have passed over through eucalyptus bubbles. It’s  an elevated synesthetic design of life’s tumbles and turns, projected on a canvas of a dreamland not known to all.  
When Tom West sings the world spins madly on in a kindred spirit!
Tom West makes music that traverse the ground between
whimsical folk songs and grand and moody soundscapes West’s current work
explores themes of adventure, longing, searching & addiction with
and mildly self-depreciating tone that is open and revealing.


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