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Bird Concerns – My favorite tree

Bird Concerns – My favorite tree

Bird Concerns have just dropped a new song “My favorite tree” debuting their LP ‘Til Morning Comes!

It’s an expression of feeling the weight of the world as a young person, caught between adolescence and adulthood, bashfulness and confidence, a reminder that throughout the passage of maturity, the inner child always remains.

Earnestly this creative music assemblage (or just these cool guys above) bring beauty to our alternative tastes and carry a sensual easy going West Coast indie vibe with them. Adding a trumpet to the core of the song structure(s) just makes our heart melt in all different directions. More and more bands add a talented brass to their dynamics.  It seems as a good trick to bring balance and serenity in between. Words will be just words, all I say is that Bird Concerns have chirped in my nest, as in flight they always deliver the musical goods. Fly us over to our favorite tree (house). Put your glasses on, and waltz along.
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Bird Concerns is (left to right) Julian Beutel, Cooper Wolken, Travis Meador, Marcus Buser, and Jake Sucher


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