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Champ-Find your feet | exclusive stream

Champ-Find your feet | exclusive stream

Cover Art: Alma Haser

Our spirit rides high on tempo and various colorful textures with “Find your feet” on exclusive rotation, incoming from a true Champ! It’s one of those major tracks for the #giveitaspin sets! I honestly can’t wait to fill this in with my bpm matching on a summerish night. The weather is getting hotter and hotter in Northern Greece and we are in need for some techno tropical escapades. If your a Clark or Bonobo fan just like me, Champ’s signature sound ride will instantly tickle your toes to lift up and dance the right way. A revolutionary underground piece that has a nervous system of it’s own reflecting pure musical light into all directions. Refreshing, radiant and perfectly aligned, it’s warmful electronic symphony explodes as it develops, serving rare pleasures.

 Emotions unravel eagerly through each track on the EP and peak, with strong ambient beauty from time to time in between the dynamics. Turn up the volume, elevate your senses, to unify under a secret paradise of harmonics and vibration. The tunes are well balanced, with a skeptic atmosphere.

Champ has accelerated our humane  figure towards an infinity of electronic eclecticism. Hey you cool label guys, you know who you are. Show yourself and grab this guy for keeps! The quality of Mark’s music momentum is ace!

Champ, aka Mark Delany, earned his “title” from a decade old video game feud with his best mate, in which playing Mashed sees you either burn out as a chump or ride to victory as a champ. Video games aside, film has played a role in Champs musical development, with his soundtrack to the 2011 feature thriller The Veteran (starring Toby Kebbell and Brian Cox) being noted for its unsettling and swirling and percussively disquieting qualities by Timeout and The Hollywood Reporter. Following a move from his home town of 30 years, Champ now produces music from his studio in Hastings UK, a town that appears heavily on Find Your Feet through various field recordings and audio samples of the local environment.

You can catch the whole EP on May- 30th, an instant buy on
A massive yes for those who dice organic beats on the table.


Surface Current
Find Your Feet

Brother’s Youth


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