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Flaunt – Kill With Honey (Official Video) | Anticodon Records

Flaunt – Kill With Honey (Official Video) | Anticodon Records

FLAUNT is a mysterious a/v collective act which strives to produce a variant of intelligent music marrying qualities of organic + electronic elements.

The group entitled the project RAVE NOIR and the results are an amalgamation of
guitars, keyboards, swamp rock, and emotive vocals. When asked about the album they state,
we wanted to make an album that was reminiscent to some extent of what radio used to sound
like… Where a Zeppelin tune would be followed by a hit single by the Little River Band and then
something by the Gap Band
That statement alone begs exploration into the sounds of RAVE NOIR.

#giveitaspin: because it’s got two shades of grey, honey drippin’ to beat rockin’


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