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JHNN – Act I, Scene II

JHNN – Act I, Scene II

Artwork by J. “JHNN” Arum with additional editing from Elena and Blanca of Datura Films and Photography

Press play and listen to your director’s cut, of your life. 
Act I, Scene II goes something like : sticking your head out of a speeding car, trying to inhale what’s passed by, and what’s coming forward. Of course it’s all going slo motion in your head.

jHNN makes time stopping music if you follow clearly to what the beats say in their own beautiful tension.
We are ft. a song today taken from the HYPOCRT 1: .M4A album, which you can listen to below and buy or steal here. Also loving how jHNN feels about the world, taking care of words and meanings.
The album demontrates the artist’s frustrations with people not accepting that they are hypocrites including the artist himself. Covering topics like copyright issues (Accessible), Hype (Balance Interlude), How we are moving to fast (Patience) and album leaks (YCCU) this album end all goal was to prove to people that we are all hypocrites and we are trying our hardest to prove people wrong when in reality it’s okay to be wrong.

jHNN is a producer/dj from Calgary, Alberta who produces electronic music that is often cited as “Mellow Dark Disco”. He has been active in the Calgary electronic music scene since 2012 on top of releasing 2 EPs and one mostyl instrumental LP Entitled “HYPOCRT 0: .TH3M”. jHNN  is now ready to speak with a Vengeance about his motive for anger (.m4A) with his latest album.  His message(s) shouts louder than his vocal ability prompting him to speak for his beliefs instead of his skills.
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  • Played Eau Claire Market YYC on Canada Day [2015] (DJ SET)
  • Opened for Kid Koala on New Years Eve YYC [2014] (DJ SET)
  • Opened for KANT[2015] and Danny Howells [2013] (DJ SET)


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