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Malin Pappas-She Said

Malin Pappas-She Said

When does serious passion mix up with the freedom of beats? Well Malin sure has an answer to that, but keeps his secrets to the heart of things. I would really love to know what’s on his musical shelf or maybe go to a “Penguin Cafe Orchestra” live for tea and a “Gramatik” beer for afters.
Malin Pappas is a talented 22 year old artist from the outskirts of Austin, Texas. There are two sides to Malin‘s music: The softer
piano driven side and the experimental electronic beat side.
  Ever since the age of 12, Malin has been writing and recording music.
From electronic, futurebass- trap style beats to jazz and classical piano music everything is on the #giveitaspin music plate. 
“She Said” (above) is part of a 3-track instrumental demo EP “Knoons Vol. 2″ which you can download on bandcamp here, and songs (first and last) are inspired by romantic experiences/feelings that are taboo. Track “The gates of Hypnos” is a preview of Malin’s full length album that’s just around the corner.

The songs are dominated by some self-conscious light-handed piano and it’s
an impressive attempt to flourish the soul. Malin has an elegiac tone
to his compositions. On the other hand his beats are outgoing and
harmonic, lifting up thoughts with the tempo. Universally strong to be a
great craftsman in the world of genres. You can listen to his latest EP
and some further beats below, to measure your favorite style with his
greatest attempts to please our ears!


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