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Micah Manaitai -Vacationer

Micah Manaitai -Vacationer

Vacationer,” is the lead single for Micah Manaitai’s upcoming album, Modern Sounds in Island and Popular Music. “Prime soundtracking for your carefree summer beach party!” . Would we love to get stranded, with this album and some cocktails!
let’s not forget the Modern Sounds Ensemble
 Micah Garrido – vox // ukuele // guitar
Abel Quintero – bass // perc
Reilly Brown – guitar // hype
Nico Bluffin – drums // samples
Karim Sharif – guitar // samples // magic
Audrey Yim – keys // synths G

(note to self)

For best results while listening to this track, please refer to the following steps: 

  • Visit a beach located within a convenient distance
  • Engage in discussion or internal reflection on (but not limited to)
    the following: cultural appropriation, colonial apology/ideology,
    gentrification, tourist journalism. 
  • Enjoy a (non-) alcoholic beverage of your choice capable of making the above issues palatable
it’s…Music out of the beach box, to surf through a rebellious tide.
Piles of talent, reforming the most colorful overground wave of today,
Micah fantasizes the summer with alternative volcanic activity and enjoyable (lyrical) intelligence transcending the real you, to your next genrefull destination.
I’m dancing barefoot on life’s beach!

Micah Manaitai is a 20 year old multi-instrumentalist and producer born in Guam and currently based in Los Angeles. Modern Sounds is his second release written, recorded and mixed between 2013 and 2015. Reclaiming the millennial softboy aesthetics of cuffed Aloha shirts in the name of island heritage, Manaitai synthesizes the warmth and homeliness of recordings of the 1970s Pacific Cultural Renaissance with the attitude and experimentation of today’s popular musicians. He is as enamored with the wholesome vocal blend of the Makaha Sons of Ni’ihau as he is with Tame Impala’s lo-fi psychedelia and fellow Guamanian Pia Mia’s infectious pop hooks. This infatuation plays out in code-switching genres within and between songs on the record; at one moment a jazz ballad, the next, surf punk chaos, Modern Sounds is a dense amalgam of multicultural thought, snark, and vulnerability.