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Noya – Get It Done

Noya – Get It Done

Beautiful Noya comes from Israel, and is
here to shake our hearts. As a graduate of BPM school of Music in
Telaviv handling the blues gospel (as if she was living in New Orleans)
extremely well, she is also a talented and respected producer.
B.B.King once said “the blues was bleeding the same blood as me“. Her latest video is cut to express these words. An  incredible track, that instantly speaks to all of your senses and logic with deep powerful moving music. The truth hangs on us each day as we get things done under different circumstances.

“Get it done” is an outstanding animated life vision, surviving on notes that make it sing in 3D reality for us. The optical strength that passes onto your mindset, adapts in balance with what’s going through your ears as you watch an every day “person” unfold a grey history. Sometimes colors, are black, white or grey, today the blues feel like a rainbow. Truth for the eyes and music for the soul, Noya put’s factuality into place , but she also has an undeniable character and  charisma of bringing sweetness to cover up the sorrow with her magical voice. The sax, piano and backing vocals add a five spice atmosphere urging you to hit the repeat button. There is something more than fiery, that will excite your heart to follow Noya and her team on this journey.

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