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Thom Kunz & Whitney Pearsall – Perfectly Shattered | debut album

Thom Kunz & Whitney Pearsall – Perfectly Shattered | debut album

Spinning vinyl on this website is our first priority and love! Sentimentally attached to our bpm selves, today we are thrilled to introduce Thom Kunz’s and Whitney Pearsall’s debut LP/CD on our home-rack of thoughts. The duo hails from Wilmington, North Carolina and track “Perfectly Shattered” is the official opening off their new album “Stars in the Black and Blue” arriving summer 2016 in all digital and physical formats. Just scroll below to find all the details.

There is something aerial in all that “sentimental breakdown”. Two souls unite to sparkle under an ultraviolet galaxy of alternative brush-stroking theory and elliptical lyrics. Perhaps Stevie Nicks and Neko Case are waving from a soul-full asteroid nearby. Messages do travel through time and space. Communication bond-up. Thom and Whitney, have embraced a generous musical friendship to spin our hearts and overwhelm our emotions with their hugging confessions together. It always feels incredible to find artists as down to earth and passionate to collaborate. It all happened with “Far Away”, a song appearing on Thom Kunz’s multi-genre sonic concept album “Paper Brain”. They instantly felt magic and that led to today’s featuring.

 Evolution at it’s best when you follow your gut instinct. “Paper Brain” on the other hand is an epic concept album that explores the dark complexities of human vulnerability, atmospheric industrial hard rock fused with synth, acoustic folk and musical theater. Thom cast five diverse female lead vocalists (dubbed The Paper Choir):
Local EnBrewsiast blogger Joan Childress Wilkerson, local artist and
jewelry maker Addie Wuensch, Sam Carradori of the Dirty White Rags,
local commercial analyst Jennifer Reid, and regional performer / metal
welding artist Whitney.
He also reached out to a few local musicians and friends (Mike Ruwe and Mike Phillips) to complete his vision. A notable contributor is Clyde Edgerton, American Author and Creative Writing Professor at UNCW, who offers a heartfelt banjo track on (“Far Away”).

There is always a story behind the music. I know you usually can’t find time to open up your microscope and dig but that’s another part of the journey to feel the words or notes coming out of a fellow humane. There will always be a person that lights up, and connects with his surroundings. Thom is a thinker and a doer, we would really love to sit on a porch with a beer and talk our musical hearts out. Really impressed with the collaboration bio on the official page. If you would like to read more about this debut or the musicianship throughout, instantly connect, and don’t forget to tell your mates to #giveitaspin!

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