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Virgin Teeth-Sleep Tight

Virgin Teeth-Sleep Tight

Sometimes good things happen in a “waiting room”. The name Virgin Teeth came about after a
visit to the dentist.  Exo pragmatic situations always push the limits to other boundaries. Two great words came together to represent the idea of staying hungry for that creative impulse.
Virgin Teeth, bite the melody in discrete places with twists and turns of a truths passage, taming the logic to flow through the consciousness of  melodia.  A prophetic spirit that  heals itself with musical resurrection. And I don’t know any virgin teeth that bite our lips today, only Kevin Eagle Oliver’s the songwriter and multi instrumentalist behind V.T (and his band crew ).
It sounds like Pre Apocalyptic Rock n Roll, Kevin says. It blends the existential isolation of Radiohead, the sparse, mathematical angst of The Acid, and the cosmic ideas of Jung …
“Lately I’ve been kind of obsessed with the idea of the end, of their being a point at which all things cease.I guess if theres a
theme to our music its a lyrical one that explores how close we are to
that end and how much of it is our own fault.” These songs are about
observing how humanity has this egocentric view of ourselves and our
place in the universe”. “Not from a place of wanting to solve that or
thinking that I am somehow above it but rather from a place of observing
my own participation in that behavior”. “I mean I have an iPhone and an
instagram account, take the occasional selfie and drive a car and all
of that is probably contributing in someway to our demise as a species”.
The songs on the bands debut E.P. Hello Scorpio seem to tackle that
subject matter deftly. “Time Flies” builds upon stark synth stabs,
spacious noise and brooding bass, collapses into moody electric piano
and a vocal that observes “its such a strange thing to be at war while
your wearing your enemies wedding ring” and then explodes into molten
rays of guitar lava. 
Sleep Tight” marries skittering drums, pulsating
atmospheric guitars and 70s riffs in an oddesy of relationship paranoia
and obsession that ends in a searing Pink Floyd worthy guitar solo.
 “Anti-Hero” is a sexy jazzy rendezvous with the dark side. 
The title
track “Hello Scorpio” is a synth heavy ballad about looking death
squarely in the eyes.
 On record Kevin Eagle performs most of the
instruments. “The recordings were built around a live take of guitar and
drums and then layered with synths and additional guitars”. “Most of it
was recorded in this terrible rehearsal place in San Francisco, our
neighbors were heroin dealers and the alley outside was full of junkies
and trash and I think some of that vibe definitely seeped into the
In the live setting Virgin Teeth is a vicious trio that
brings to life its dark twisted art-psych-soul. Kevin’s powerful voice
and shifting pallete of guitar sounds is accompanied by a tower of
analog synthesizers manned by childhood friend and co-producer of the
E.P. Trevor Brooks while Blake Ritterman’s muscular drumming and a deep
sense of groove provides a powerful backbone. The end may be near but so
is the rise of Virgin Teeth. 


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