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Akira Kosemura – Someday feat. Devendra Banhart | official video

Akira Kosemura – Someday feat. Devendra Banhart | official video

“Someday” is a flawless and authentic song of admiration towards the ideal, evoking genes of our body to understand the truth under our shedding skin, over generations. There is a clockwork peace of mind that surpasses the orchestration or Devendra’s stunning voice, waves of oblivion creating beauty of first born fauna and flaura to spring into our homes . Our ears are ecstatic for this warmful comeback including all special guests on the journey.
Akira Kosemura releases his sixth original album after five years! During this time he attempted to compose music with the “memories of the beginning” what lies deep inside him. He captures this concept as a fateful encounter of a man and a woman, and sublimate “moments of life”  into this creation of a fantasy album.
Each song will guide you through the story of the album. It is a new fantasy drama composed with music. As a story-teller, various guest vocalists are featured: Nagi Yanagi, Devendra Banhart, nikiie, lasah, and shaylee. This album will provide you with a special worldview with finely honed aesthetic sense, inviting you into it’s depths of existence.  A newly born masterpiece filled with beautiful premonition and pure impressions. Beauty awaits for you to embrace.
You can listen to more songs on Soundcloud and connect on Facebook or Twitter with Akira Kosemura.
1. Starry Night
2. Ephemeral feat. yanaginagi
3. Awakening
4. South Wind feat. nikiie
5. Momentary
6. Precious
7. Blue
8. Niji no Kanata feat. lasah
9. Prelude
10. Promise with You feat. shaylee
11. The Door feat. nikiie
12. Farewell
13. Someday feat. Devendra Banhart
14. A Map
15. Imagery

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