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give5aspin: Soto Voce, Why We Run, Fever Charm, Los Espinas, Oscar Bandersen

give5aspin: Soto Voce, Why We Run, Fever Charm, Los Espinas, Oscar Bandersen

Life is genrefull!
Soto Voce – better
Indie Pop | Electro
The first thing that came to my mind of the tune was Radiohead-ish, but as the song progressed the beat twisted in such adventurous ways I couldn’t and didn’t want to describe it with what I already knew anymore. Soto Voce everybody!
 Kenny Soto grew up on the streets of inner city Oakland, CA. Being persecuted for being gay at a very young age in an all African American community, Kenny attended 12 different schools in 8 years. Soto’s only outlet for expressing himself, being free, and exploring his feminine sexuality was music. He had always felt like a girl trapped in a boy’s body and music was Kenny’s escape and outlet…a place where he was excepted.  It was “Pride” day in Athens, yesterday and last night I caught up with this great movie. Solidarity forever. Anyway let’s follow on!

His father remarried a German woman with 2 daughters. During the school year, Kenny lived in Oakland with his mother and was influenced by Oakland urban artists. But, during the summer, his German step sisters turned him on to classic European electronic and brit pop. Soto Voce is Soto’s ultimate escape into his childhood fantasy world and a direct result of all his influences. The other half of Soto Voce is Miguel Devivo. Originally from Columbia, Devivo is known for his project Villains. 

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 Why we run – Hallway
Alternative Rock | Indie
Sydney based 4 piece band Why we run with Belgian ex-pat singer, have shaken my soul. “Hallway” is taken from their forthcoming debut album Holograms, due for independent release internationally on June the 24th. The album was produced and mixed by Wayne Connoly (You am I, Paper Kites, Paul Dempsey), who’s work we love most with these bands. The journey is intimate and the heart strides for further actions. The album showcases the band’s special chemistry and broad instrumental pallet. With subject matter ranging from a family members struggle with a mental health illness, to time spent at a stiffing boarding school, to romantic nostalgia, to the story of Nic’s journey from Belgium to Australia it’s an engrossing listen from start to finish!
Fever Charm – Love Letters
Indie Rock | Alternative | Shoegaze
LA based indie rock outfit Fever Charm have just released their new single “Love Letters” to be featured on the band’s forthcoming EP Retrogade (due out this summer). Having relocated from Oakland Fever Charm, have enjoyed recent success in the film and TV world having placed their track “Sounds of Summer” on FOX’s, Coupled which is currently airing. If your looking to connect with a passionate and intimate break up song, holding on to memories and letting go of strong feelings then this is your hit for the summer. Fall in love. Your high fever will cure itself just by the looks of a snakes rattling indie charm through the desert of your life.

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Los Espinas – Seaweed
Indie Rock | Alternative | Shoegaze
Well at least I’m proud of my aussies, as they turn up to be nearly on every playlist these days! Oi Oi Oi. Los Espinas is the output of four mates from Sydney, Australia although you might have fantasized a seven piece mariachi band from Latin America. Their music is soooo catchy as their name flies by. We have a connection of pure rock vibes caught in grungy indie art. We want our shirt painted all over with these feelings.  It’s straight forward alternative, with the  beauty of vocal power.  Fill your lungs with words and exhale the notes, it’s cathartic. Los Espinas sound like a major band! You would love to follow their tracks,  on a world tour.  Heck I’m waiting for a great album. It’s the same feeling stuck in my gut with “War on drugs” I had months ago as a favorite band. That’s how much I love them.
Their upcoming debut “The tide” was recorded with producer Dylan Adams and mixed by Lachlan West.
With influences including artists like Elliott Smith, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and Something for Kate, Los Espinas could be described as indie with a thirst for alternative garage rock.

Starting out in Latin America, Los Espinas began with singer/guitarist Chris Duffy testing out songs and snippits in bars in Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Columbia and receiving radio airplay in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and in his hometown in Australia.

 Ok, Im ready to see them live and buy an album!
Follow them around the world and socially…

 Oscar Bandersen – Guide You (feat. ANYA)
Disco | House
is only 22 years old, but a very talented Nu-Disco producer
from Copenhangen! He has got the looks plus also a track to die for.
Debut single “Guide You” featuring upcoming Danish soul act ANYA will
really sweep you off your feet!
doses of feel good vibes, you’ll surely want this on your summer playlist.
 Dig in if your a Breakbot or Roosevelt lover on the dancefloor. No wonder it’s a
#giveitaspin #june tune!


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