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KASIM: art from robots with fractal electronic souls, from the 3rd inner heaven

KASIM: art from robots with fractal electronic souls, from the 3rd inner heaven

“Art from robots with fractal souls” will intrigue you once you scroll down the track info on “Veil“. Shot somewhere in 2042, inside the 3rd inner heaven this electronic inception from KASIM will hypnotize you. It’s the kind of  electronic music I love the most, and wish to produce someday for my ears too. Density submerging from cuts and breezy pacing will take you by surprise. The song was written by Jensus NSN exactly 2.1 years ago. The #machinesoul is here to unfold a dreamland of electronic sensations! Im not telling you everything, once you find out a bit more about this project it’s time to reveal truth over trust. KASIM (Tiberiu Jakab and Bogdan Danciu) will be playing live at Airfield Festival in July, + Spellground Festival (Romania) this August.
The KASIM Automata Corp is here for your entertainment. After years of neural servitude, four years ago their first automaton wrote Chanson de Lumière, a first chef d’oevre. The information is crafted in a sporadic way with cleansing distinctions. Before it all goes static check out soundcloud and facebook page. You will love these soulful intelligent machines if you like listening to Robot Koch, Jon Hopkins, Darksky, Moderat, Weval and Bonobo.


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