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Lessons produce secrets in the dark with a gloomgaze electro sound

Lessons produce secrets in the dark with a gloomgaze electro sound

Finland’s Lessons release debut EP “Tempest” via Sinnbus. The EP touches upon subjects such as near death experiences, addiction and oppressive regimes via the eyes of an imagined, “fictional” character. Two quirky nerds from Finland left their hometown of Helsinki for Berlin. The brothers Samu and Ville Kuukka soon met Patrick Sudarski, who was touring with his folk project Montauk at the time. Sudarski then moved back to Buenos Aires and the brothers moved back to Helsinki but, despite the distance, they all stayed in touch and formed Lessons.
Now that’s one heck of a story but there is more to unravel behind the curtains. The following winter, the three united in a windowless basement somewhere in Scandinavia and started creating music. A claustrophobic space gave access to a dark spot of a creative mind. Patrick wrote in a hardened environment. 
On the EP the trio have created a gloomgaze electro sound channeling the synth pop of Devo and Suicide with a hint of 90s shoegaze as to the likes of Cocteau Twins. If your a recent fan of SOHN or James Black you can still correlate with this intriguing and seductive band.  

“Lessons” produce dark secrets, truth to learn and overhear.


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