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Nanu Alidina’s rap style, throws us deep in haze with “Dependencies”

Nanu Alidina’s rap style, throws us deep in haze with “Dependencies”

“I’m so deep with no love and no peace..,
I guess I’m stuck with these dependencies…”

Nanu Alidina is a rapper/producer who was born in Toronto, Ontario. For Nanu Alidina, innovation is everything. Since the young age of 9, he has shown a great interest in not only creating music but also producing & completing quality tracks to later on release. This has made Nanu realize that this is the career-path he’d like to pursue. The 21-year-old currently travels within the city to pursue his musical venture. From different musical influences including Drake, A$AP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar & more, Nanu Alidina creates a hazy, mysterious aura for himself, fused with a rap-style that ranges from soft & melodic to hard & aggressive but he is always able to maintain the abstract image for himself.

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