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Slow Dakota, a unique musical mastermind!

Slow Dakota, a unique musical mastermind!

Slow Dakota-In a Pigsty
Baroque Pop, Prog Rock, Post-Classical 
I really love adding new labels to my musical hearted list. Massif Records, has enthralled me with “In a Pigsty” the latest single from Slow Dakota‘s LP, “The Ascension of Slow Dakota”. Yes, I need your attention please! The track lays somewhere between chamber music and Baroque pop, a captivating poem of alienation and disdain. I’m sure you really don’t know how to fit it in your genres. Although that’s always a good thing for us on #giveitaspin. 
Slow Dakota, is a great and unique mastermind you can feel it all along with the lyrics and the photostatic music, he is the recording project of Indiana native PJ Sauerteig (also founder of Massif).  Enjoy some free downloads (or support) here.
PJ S. has studied creative writing and psychology, no wonder he hits the right buttons with his words and also enjoys playing on his great grandmothers piano.

Photo by Nick Vorderman 


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