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Dead Prez – Hip Hop (Vandelux Remix)

Dead Prez – Hip Hop (Vandelux Remix)

It’s a giveitaspin July track

Vandelux aka Evan White, makes music because it’s fun! So simple. Well, we will get there, but for starters his creativity hit us on a nostalgic high in under msecs. Definitely p(l)aying justice to the original, with true respect and a refreshed palette. We always need a reminder, of the futuristic beats and political lyrics that made us climb mountains and keep our mindset going in the right direction.

[content]Vandelux, born in Vancouver, Canada is currently living in Luxembourg. As an early pianist and jazz drummer he turned into a digital music producer at the end of 2015. [/content]
[content]He is currently new to the scene and experimenting with a range of different genres, releasing tracks of different shapes and colours,so stay tuned as life is so genre full. More tracks below, turn up the volume, it’s mid week mania.[/content]

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