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Whelp – European Central Bank | Free DL

Whelp – European Central Bank | Free DL

Whelp came out of the blue in our inbox, just before #brexit turned out. Coincidence, Fate or Fantasy? Ahead of time. With track names such as “European Central Bank”, “Larisis” and “Example” I can see there is something on Whelp’s mind, I would really love to talk about as individuals. You won’t find a profile anywhere near, but from afar Whelp speaks through music, answering to an intimate cry for help through electronic, dream and ambient sounds. You can download albums here, and tell us what you think about the soundscapes.
#giveitaspin if you love Eluvium, Stars of the Lid, Helios and Hammock 

Whelp is an independent instrumental music project with multilayered
music, sometimes wallpapered with patchy sounds and driving beats,
sometimes calm and serene. 


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