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Boston crooner Matthew Connor dreams us away … Night After Night

Boston crooner Matthew Connor dreams us away … Night After Night


[content title=”Night After Night”]
[item title=”Who”]Boston local Matthew Connor has released “Night After Night” an industrialized explosion of lust and ecstasy, which ingeniously supports the dark ethereal undertones of his beautiful crooning. Suited for a midnight ride through the city, young Connor is haunted by stealth characters of the heart. Caught in a tangle with insomnia, he battles inner demons, contemplating the terrors that illuminate his mind each night. A voice with great depth, sensuality and transparent to the core, it tears up the sky with light bringing unique frequencies that are layered with unforgettable imagery along the story-telling. [/item]
[item title=”Wow”]Throughout his career, Connor’s work has been influenced by his love of film; he creates brief, fleeting moments that fold in on one another, portraying the emotions that serve as undercurrents to everyday life. (Connor conceptualized and directed the videos accompanying Night After Night’s tracks, including the eye-popping video for “Scarlet Four O’Clock” and the ASMR-nodding clip paired with the title track.)[/item]
[item title=”Why #giveitaspin”]If your a lover of Scott Walker, Billy MacKenzie, Antony and the Johnsons, or even James Blake then you will love Matthew’s talents. Be sure to check out his 2014 album “Farewell Motel”. Conor luxuriates in harshly beautiful songs that can be sunk into. When things get difficult all you have to do is dream another dream. Why not with a beautiful voice that one cannot resist! Feel the underground of happiness. Who told you we cant fancy a recherché night out? [/item]
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