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A peachy ‘years ago’ mixtape up for grabs, from the one and only dj Buried King!

A peachy ‘years ago’ mixtape up for grabs, from the one and only dj Buried King!

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That guy with the bow tie… has encapsulated our ears, with his stunning musical looks. Amazing vibe to groove you anytime! #giveitaspinGR

Shane Kingsbury aka “Buried King” has just arrived in the building! The “years ago” mixtape is literally vibrating the walls on the last hot summer day of August, and neighbors are pleading me to pitch up the volume and swift them a beer on the balcony. Plus they want to shazam the whole track list (which is annoying), instead I give them the download link and tell them to make a run at Carmens Nightclub and Miranda Hotel in Sydney for the real deal! I hear it’s getting cheaper from SKG to SYD these days! Buried King has created a perfect soundscape to take your pains away each time your in need for those funky marshmallow sliders that go down great with a fresh and bubbly jug of electronic house treats. This musical mix is bio friendly and respects the “Columbia” or “Motown” environment, so you can find your future brothers and sisters on the dancefloor…  looking in the right direction mates!

Some words from the official website:

Although loved for his extensive collection of bow ties, his smooth but funky track collection is what really gets the crowd jumping, pumping and hip thumping. His method of incorporating popular hit songs from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and blending them with the funk-house classics of today is something to be heard to be believed. Club-aholics can tell you, that you will always be able to tell when the Buried King cuts it on the decks because of his distinctive style of mixing and fun and enthusiastic song choice. 

From producing original tracks and signing them to international record labels such as Circuit Freq Records (U.S) and Juliet Fox’s label; Attraction Music (U.K) to remixing, bootlegging and editing his own house spins into some of his favorite dance tracks, he has received praise and support from acts such as Jacques Renault, Schumi XIV, Luca Lush, Juliet Fox, Tigerlily, Ember, Cheap Lettus, Kyro and Sweat It Out Music whilst also being mentored by co-owner and founder of U.S based record label ‘Let’s Play House’, Nik Mercer.


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