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Listen: Oscuro ft. Mirror Signal – Too Long

Listen: Oscuro ft. Mirror Signal – Too Long

Cambridgeshire’s chill-iest producer Oscuro teams up with hotly tipped soul artist Mirror Signal (BBC Intro/Montreal Jazz Fest/R1) on his latest jam. It’s a smooth listen full of excitation for those who are seeking the midnight pleasures after the day peaks.
Too Long is the second track to be taken from the up-coming album All In My Mind (hitting 40k the first week on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist) which continues in the mood of creating exquisite arrangements by mixing organic sounds with ethereal vocal and electronic glitch samples. Gently tempting our ears into motion, the soundscapes are deep and intensive. I tell you this album is addictive and cathartic for the electronic idolizers including myself! Bonobo, Sun Glitters, Slow Magic, Robot Koch… it’s all real music in our mindset and Oscuro skillfully fits in. Grab it out now on itunes!


[content] Everything feels like a natural extension of feelings pitched in hazy, sparkly waters of beats per minute. Morphing his own surroundings into production as being based outside of the city it enables Oscuro to retain an earth-grown quality to his music while holding on to a metallic and future sounding chill. Subhuman and and heartless, this is not. The tracks are warmly taken in, to give you fresh breaths of stimulative progression in the electronic world.

“The concept for the album is based on my creative process which usually starts with me having an idea in my head and then going on a sonic journey to try and make that idea a reality.”

It’s a giveitaspin August track



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