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Pollen’s ‘Can I be like you’ is intense in all nostalgic transmissions

Pollen’s ‘Can I be like you’ is intense in all nostalgic transmissions

[content]Pollen is the love of a wandering beat high on nostalgia. Just focus on your feelings rather than a special dot in time or a human gesture. Brighton has always swelled our hearts away, making it impossible not to love a fading memory that set’s into a mesmeric loop with sepia tones. I could not resist, the meaningful seconds after watching the official video for “Can I be like you“, urging my cells to embark on this warm journey time and again. Feeling somewhat fastened in the middle of the road, I never got hit by my own down-tempo (trip-hop) thoughts rather than flying into an oblivion of adventurous soundscapes, a few meters above earth. If your a true fan of Boards of Canada, Plaid, Arovane or Tycho you will hook on to the emotive ambiance from the very first of seconds.
This musical imagery has very strong roots and a clear attitude of what will act upon us. The gloaming light that escapes all musical tones and hypnotizing bass line invites your ears to enter an off grid reality, perhaps a special place you crawl and find your inner peace with what is madly overlapping dimensions. The official video is intense, human cultural transmissions, failures, landscapes, kilometers and dystopian drives to suburbia colors will amaze your sensitivity. After the “Boom” where will the human race stand? If you have music to guide you along the questions, time travelling with the heart’s function-ability is a true virtue worth living. Pollen has teased our conscience and courage, to dive into sublime memory lane. Just remember your virtual address, it is a minimal sound complex of a wormhole that will drop you off in all promising destinations.

It’s a giveitaspin August track

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