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Listen to ‘The Beach’, Portl’s debut out on Vulpine Records

Listen to ‘The Beach’, Portl’s debut out on Vulpine Records

[content]House producer Portl just recently signed to Vulpine Records (a new one for me, with ethos and great passion!) and dropped his stunning debut release, The Beach. It came to our ears, just the right time in the core of our summer leisure. Lover of all things Lobster Theremin, Portl draws inspiration from Blawan, New Jackson and Dauwd, and will bring in the near future a collection of work titled Pond Life.
[content]There is an organic authenticity of analogue synthesis, thickly layered over driving percussion. The beat could play in an infinite loop as I’m starring at the hot summer skies, taking things off my mind and feeling only what needs to be loved the most. Warm labyrinthine vocals create a sophisticated groove of minimal beauty. “The Beach” was written as a tribute to Portl’s friend in Viola Beach who sadly passed away in a tragic car accident while on tour in Sweden. Perhaps, we connect with the afterworld through amazing soundscapes come to thing of it and that makes sense even more than ever.[/content]

It’s on the decks August track

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