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Desh-Can’t Keep Up

Desh-Can’t Keep Up

Hip Hop means something to me.


It’s about getting ahead of the competition and other MC’s out there and striving to be the best and make a name for myself that will last over time.

Denver based Desh brings truth to the hip hop floor. His rhymes provide smokey soothing lyrics and the production is up to par. Who said underground hip hop isn’t keeping up with the labels? We never fall into that loop on giveitaspin instead we embrace individuality and artists all around as you know. Playing with the words, we get the primary feeling, it’s all about making music you love and sharing the vibes. Actually that fact turned my ears on in the first place to grab out some great lyricism. Desh’s second single “Can’t keep up” is streaming on and is taken from the project “Rap for fun” which you can listen to below. This album works when Desh flows into his layered production. When he lets the composition breathe in the backseat, while his confessional narratives become three dimensional in your head. Oh not to forget, he is also CEO of UnherdSounds so go stream on soundcloud too!


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