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Frank Gamble – Heart Speaks – With You Remix (Psuedo Video)

Frank Gamble – Heart Speaks – With You Remix (Psuedo Video)

“Heart Speaks” landed in our hands like a mystery

Two friends once entered into a lucky dip auction to own a record from J Dilla’s personal collection, held by the late producer’s mother. A record by Australian jazz guitarist Frank Gambale duly arrived in the mail and one mispronunciation later, Frank Gamble was born. The name stuck and the friends liked the double meaning. Honest Ambiguity. True Lies.

“Myths” got released last autumn, pricking the ears of Annie Mac and DJ Semtex. Any email communication heralded an automated response: Frank is currently in a meeting at Pajaros Point in the British Virgin Islands and will get back to you soon. Oh I wish, that would be an e-mail I’ll once set out to the department. Later on,  poet and musician Kojey Radical tracked Frank down for collaborative effort “Blind Eye” in the winter, and “Something Wrong” emerged in the spring; pitched down, chopped up and seductively off kilter. It’s seems like season after season the mysterion get’s even better!

“Heart Speaks” however just landed in our hemisphere late summerish autumn (I can still see the sun shining out my windows), self-written and self-produced, bittersweet words cutting through fizzing synths and rolling snares. It’s a “With You Remix” for now, to get closer to each other as the wind silently folds in the thoughts of brown and red leaves on the pavement of long lost musical bonds.  It’s about losing sight of why you love someone, but loving them still. 

All I know is that this track gives me the sizzles to pop it on my playlist and dance away like everyone is watching! Don’t sit and wonder … just breathe in the melodic aura (more colorful flavors of the track below). Frank Gamble I love you! The best things have started from a wrong typo. True story.