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Loveland – Vanilla Vibrancy

Loveland – Vanilla Vibrancy


“This is going to be my first time playing outside of the maritimes, so I’m going to be on fire… the entire time” says Robert.

Loveland (band). A place where you want to be stranded forever with heaps of G(reat music) peaks. “Vanilla Vibrancy” is a sensual lo-fi track escaping into soft evocative falsetto hummmings that make you want to cream of pleasure. Even my favorite George Stromboulopoulos quoted: “there’s very little being made in this country that has got this kind of swagger.” Drive through your heart’s music desire grabbing a free refill on the way.

You will stop, to charge your speakers again! Soothingly dreamy-like retro dance vibes with hot flushes of soul, coating an erotic chaos full of Vanilla flavored vibrancy as a follow up to full album Aloe Hotel (Aug. 26th). The Halifax group (formerly Robert Loveless and the Loveland Band) is still keeping it fresh, as in the process of recording a shiny EP with producer and Vogue Dots member, Tynan Dunfield. “Ch ch ch”…s away….


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