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Marie Reiter – Limbo

Marie Reiter – Limbo


It’s pink and it’s sorrow, as fresh as a summer breeze and as sulky as a broken heart can be. It is an ode to love, beyond borders and beyond time.

Ok, so I’m searching the terminology of “Limbo” in reference to erotic relationships // lɪmbəʊ: an uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution; an intermediate state or condition // This song was delivered a while ago to the giveitaspin home office, however it’s stuck on my mind until this day, as much as fuzzy images of bubblegum nostalgia. Marie Reiter pickles on dilemmas that makes us dive into sad birthday pop melancholy just after the summer breaks away to turn into autumn. Marie has a splendid voice that tends to carry your fears away. Forced to sit you down on a table in need of straightening up the facts of life with strawberry margaritas. As Limbo splits to it’s end, you can feel a beautiful anticipation full of cherry colored trembling. Love hurts, however you can have this lo-fi home recording jelly vibe (produced by Beach Friends) treat in your jar to fight any monsters under the sexed out bed sheets. A full album is coming soon, until then enjoy an extra track “Yesterday” below, wishing you heard it any sooner. It’s like Johnny Cash was invited to play along with the Magnetic Fields, adding dashes of dream popped Tarnation-esque pain in paradise. I can feel a lot of greats, sitting on a wall and swaying heads together but it’s all so original that I don’t want to ruin it any more. Just feel the past in the present. Marie Reiter I would really love to come to your next art exhibition full of blurred Polaroids and lofi beats.


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