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Jack Colwell – Don’t Cry Those Tears (remake) [feat. Fennesz]

Jack Colwell – Don’t Cry Those Tears (remake) [feat. Fennesz]

The new EP features Colwell’s compositions reconfigured by HEALTH, Fennesz, Marcus Whale, Roly Porter, Rabit, and Ash Koosha.

Jack Colwell, is the closest I can get to my excitement when I first heard down under Jack Ladder. The talented Sydney based artist has warped our ears up to a non predictable journey. Who knew that his surprise release When the World Explodes EP, would include collaborations of six of the world’s most respected electronic artists! The tracks combine Colwell’s classical arrangements and confessional songwriting with elements of industrial noise, and dark ambient music. The results are stunning!

Don’t Cry Those Tears, as a remake featuring respected Fennesz, brings an elegant dance to your ears in between electronic glitches of the night, dark secrets and hushed tones of colourful static. Jack Colwell’s voice is mesmerizing, melancholic though strong enough to suggest a phantasmic pulse through the darkness. The light of music is traceable even in the most trembling places. As the humming turns into dust, it’s remarkable how our love dissolves into an infinite loop. You can also listen to the original here. Follow Jack on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram  for more news.

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1. Don’t Cry Those Tears (HEALTH remake)

2. Far From View (Ash Koosha remake)

3. Far From View (Marcus Whale remake)

4. Coat (Rabit remake)

5. Don’t Cry Those Tears (Fennesz remake)

6. Coat: The End (Roly Porter remake)