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The Left Rib – Nape

The Left Rib – Nape

The Left Rib makes us feel vulnurable as our bare skin tremors under any of their seductive sound contact.

The Left Rib’s debut EP ‘Corporeal‘ on Blind Colour label just got out a few days ago, however as you can remember we featured the K15 remix of “Daughter” on our first #giveitaspin radio show of the season here.

It’s the talented new project from Johnny Tomlinson (La Force UK) of Bonobo and Eryka Badu with Belle Benham on sublime vocals. Shivers they spread for us! The debut came to life due to collaborations at Johnny’s studio in Folkestone, using textures based on found sound, harp and percussion, then weaving these into a lush tapestry of future bass/electronic production as a backdrop to Belle’s songs. The whole EP was a standout from starters, if you love authentic down tempo, electronic or seductive future sounds then the pleasures that will fade from the tracks to your heart
 will tattoo your ears with the warmest of thrills.

“Nape” moves ambiently through space, a perhaps darker approach to “Lamb” or “Submotion Orchestra”, making us feel vulnerable as our bare skin tremors under any of their seductive sound contact.

The EP’s artwork came from a collection of pieces that Belle created of her own body, exploring the multiplicity of facets the human form has, and how we compartmentalise our complex relationship with the flesh/form/physique.

You can listen to the whole EP below or stay close on Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter  or Instagram.


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