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VAS LEON – The Krossover

VAS LEON – The Krossover

Since travelling and also supporting Fatboy Slim’s tour (Warehouse Project Festival and Brixton o2 Arena), entertainer VAS LEON has been working towards his debut LP ‘KROSSOVER’ and it has finally been released!

London artist VAS LEON has just released his debut LP “Krossover”, an explosive album showing the growth of his position in the music industry after a break to travel and share his experiences through performance and energy! A personal manifesto in which he creates an undeniable sound and a collection of tracks to suite any audience that is passionate for rock solid lines of truth. 
Featuring a number of overseas musicians such as platinum selling artists Mike Beatz and Lex One (formerly known as Wizard Sleeve), the LP has a unique feeling throughout each track. Sloganistic snippets, clever lyrical ambience, infectious hooks, warm melodies and whip-cracking opinions sure will melt your decks, and bring a sweet chaos to the mainstream society. That’s what we really want personal statements that wake up the zombies that are sleeping next to us on the bus or metro. You should probably pop this on their ears and see a revolution sparkling.
This fantastic LP has a hand full of strong moments, you really need to dig in heaps more than one go, to get into all the information. There is a hedonistic energy in VAS LEON‘s roars, we really don’t want to change anything and leave him being himself, to see the damage rotting in the jungle. If you are looking for a truth-teller you’ve certainly found your guy. Did we say the music production is one big giant epiphany?
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